Product Demo

Product Demo
Easy to Identify Multiple Handle Options Anti-Contamination Measures Optimal Drainage Safe Handling Corrosion Resistant Secure Transportation Stable Stacking On-site Assembly Option

Easy to Identify

Permanently identify and record contents of tray using the convenient label.

Multiple Handle Options

Recyclable, retractable plastic handles — compatible with all storage bays — are available as standard on entire range, but can also opt for reusable steel handles at no extra cost.

Anti-Contamination Measures

Raised side walls help to prevent sample contamination during handling and transportation.

Optimal Drainage

Optimally placed drainage ports ensure rapid drainage of residual water.

Safe Handling

No sharp edges, reducing on-site and handling-related injuries, and widened handle system for increased stability when lifting. In addition, all 1,5m trays supplied with dual handle system as standard.

Corrosion Resistant

Tray constructed from high-grade Zincalume steel, which offers proven long-term corrosion resistance across multiple atmospheric environments and a lifetime of up to four times that of ordinary galvanised steel.

Secure Transportation

Deep profile ensures core samples are held securely during transportation.

Stable Stacking

Efficient interlocking allows for safe, stable stacking.

On-site Assembly Option

To reduce transportation costs, all trays are available in prefabricated (on-site assembly) and welded form.