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Mobile Core Splitter

Rugged yet portable, this core splitter will allow for the cutting of exploration core in remote areas or provide service in the core yard. This unit is manual but most importantly, there are no fingers anywhere near the cutting face. Core is held inside a core guide (diameter to be specified on order)




Electric Motor:

220V  ML 90L-2 IP55
2,2kW 3HP
2810rpm Hz50


12 – 18amp Overload/Fuse

Max. Blade x Bore

Ø350 x 25,4mm

Peripheral Speed

40mps (Tool speed 2300rpm @ Ø350mm)

Max. Cutting Depth: 110mm

Max. Cutting Length:  500mm

Dimensions LxWxH: 125 x 65 x 145

Dimensions LxWxH – crated 135 x 80 x 100

Weight: 165kg Crated