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Seasoned Geologists and Drillers know what works in the field

Terracor specialises in the manufacture of core trays and racking systems for the geological, mining and exploration drilling industries. Designed by experts to perform in the harshest of environments, Terracor core trays and racking systems are trusted by geologists all over the world for reliable, secure storage and transportation of core samples.

The only core tray manufacturer producing both plastic and steel core trays — and supplying an extensive range of related accessories and geological equipment, such as core blocks and chip trays — Terracor is a reputable, convenient one-stop-shop for all of your core sample-related requirements.

Exceptional Customer Service

On track to become an innovative leader in the industry, Terracor has built its reputation on both world-class products and first-rate customer service.

An owner-managed operation, the company puts long-term, personal relationships with customers first and subscribes to a philosophy of accountability, integrity and excellence.

Store More Metres for Your Money

Despite being constructed using the highest quality materials and boasting a comprehensive set of safety and handling features, Terracor products remain among the most competitively priced.

By intelligently engineering each product’s design and exploiting the most efficient manufacturing techniques, Terracor has been able to drive down costs and ensure you can store more metres for your money.

Tough, Lightweight and Secure

The team of engineers, geologists, polymer technologists and exploration drilling experts at Terracor has over 20 years of experience in the exploration drilling field. It is this blend of expertise and understanding that has enabled the company to create innovative plastic and steel core trays of exceptional quality, robustness and safety.

Seasoned geologists and drillers know what works in the field. Terracor plastic and steel core trays and racking systems have been designed to meet those exacting standards.

Rapidly growing in popularity, Terracor core trays and racking systems offer an attractive combination of tough, durable build quality, outstanding safety and handling features, and secure, lightweight stacking.