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Terracor produces stable, secure racking systems to store and protect your core trays and core samples. Terracor racking systems are universal and both double and single racks are available to meet your specific needs.

Manufactured from high-quality galvanised steel, Terracor racking systems create a stable, compact platform for convenient core tray storage. The slide out functionality of the racks allows for easy access and trouble-free core sample viewing by personnel, minimising the risk of handling-related injury.

Terracor can also provide custom storage solutions — assisting with the design and layout of your core storage to ensure you overcome storage constraints and make maximum use of your available space.

Features & Benefits


Multiple small pitch slots ensure Terracor racking systems can be used for all core tray sizes and lengths (1m and 1,5m / PQ, HQ, NQ and BQ).


Racking systems are manufactured from durable high-quality galvanised steel and able to store up to 4 tonnes of drilled rock core samples per bay.

Easy to Assemble

Racks are constructed using integrated, snap-on components to ensure quick and easy assembly.


Rigid cross-members and floor-bolted foot plates (offered in various sizes) make Terracor racking systems among the most stable, secure core tray storage options available.

Trouble-Free Access

Slide out functionality facilitates swift, straightforward core sample viewing and minimises the risk of handling-related injuries.