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It takes more than just high quality materials to create innovative plastic and steel core trays of exceptional quality, robustness and safety. At Terracor, Quality Control is an essential, non-negotiable aspect of the business.

In addition to exploiting the latest and most efficient manufacturing techniques, we have also put stringent Quality Control processes in place. Detailed inspections are carried out at every stage of the manufacturing process and repeated prior to shipping.

Every effort is made to ensure every core tray and racking system you receive from Terracor is of the same high standard. We believe that satisfied customers are repeat customers.

Regular Inspections

1. Sheets

All Zincalume sheets are inspected dimensionally prior to bending.

2. Bent sheets

Dimensional inspection (pitch of core partitions) and wall heights.

3. End plates

— Bend quality inspection
— Dimensional inspection
— Weld strength inspection

4. Prefab packing

All boxes are weight inspected to ensure correct quantities have been packed.

5. Welded trays

— Weld strength inspections
— Stack-ability checks
— Steel paint inspection