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Deep vs. Shallow Trays

Should you choose a deep or shallow (low) profile tray?

It depends on the kind of rock you are drilling and taking samples from. If the rock is stable and unlikely to fracture, a shallow or low profile core tray will probably suit your purposes and budget. On the other hand, if the rock being drilled is very brittle and likely to fracture, a deep profile core tray is almost certainly the right choice.

Deep profile core trays offer more protection against the kind of mixing up or contamination that can easily happen when handling or transporting fractured core samples. The divisions between the rows or channels are significantly higher, making it much harder for fractured or chipped core samples to get dislodged and to move or skip between them.

Shallow or low profile core trays are designed for nicely structured or stable core samples. If the drilled rock sample is whole and unbroken, it is highly unlikely to move or skip between the rows and, if it does, the movement will be easy to identify. Accordingly, the divisions between the rows are lower, reducing the amount of materials required to construct the trays and keeping costs to a minimum.

Every type and size of Terracor core tray is available in either a deep or shallow (low) profile version, ensuring your needs can be met, whatever kind of rock you are drilling and taking samples from.

Our Products

Steel Core Trays

Designed by experts to perform in the harshest of environments, Terracor Steel Core Trays are constructed using the highest quality materials and boast a comprehensive set of safety and handling features.

Plastic Core Trays

Ideally suited to the most ruthless and harsh of exploration drilling environments, Terracor Plastic Core Trays are manufactured from the highest UV-stabilised polypropylene available, making them exceptionally durable and long-lasting.


Terracor produces stable, secure racking systems to store and protect your core trays and core samples. Terracor racking systems are universal and both double and single racks are available to meet your specific needs.


Terracor also supplies an extensive range of related accessories and geological equipment — making Terracor a reputable, convenient one-stop-shop for all of your core sample-related requirements.